The UK government has been offering up a lot of open data through its Coronavirus data portal, but much of it is intense and slightly stressful. One perhaps more positive piece of information it offers is the number of vaccinations that have been provided, for both the first and second stage. I decided that might be something a bit nicer to plot.


So not only is the government offering up a lot of open data, they’ve also provided a Python module for easy access to the data, including directly to pandas dataframes. From there it was extremely easy to pull together the data, and there’s nothing particularly fancy about the graph itself.

What is fancy about this however is that the graph should automatically be updated every day through Github Actions. I’ve gone into detail about this in its own post.

Libraries / Resources

  • The usual pandas / matplotlib / seaborn triplet
  • My own plot_styles repo for getting matplotlib’s colours to match up with this blog
  • uk_covid19 to get the data
  • The font used is Lato, as this is one of the default fonts in GitHub’s Ubuntu environments

Data Sources


Find it on Github